April 2016....Well the lazy Verizon Union employees are at it again with their work stoppage (most of these bums don't really work when they ARE on the job!  I know...I was a manager of many of these cretens).  These already over-compensated jerks (average 130K plus benefits, tuition, adoption assistance and a lot more) want more.  And they don't care about John Q. Public and his needs to have telecommunication, etc. services. They cut cables disrupting service, threaten those who want to work, are occassionally a sense - being total ass holes!

Now don't get me wrong.  I DO NOT favor Verizon management after they got rid of me for wanting to stop workplace violence.  But I've supervised many union workers and 90% of them were lazy good for nothings who didn't deserve 1/5 of the compensation they were getting.

It's a damn shame that they can't all be fired (like President Reagan did with the Air Traffic Controllers)!  Teach their lazy asses a lesson.


STORIES WANTED...Are/were you a Verizon (Ner York Telephone, NYNEX, Bell Atlantic...) employee with a story to tell?  I am working on a book about unethical corporations and would like to hear from you.  Send your story to  Your name will not be used if I print your story (unless you want it to).



I was a manager with Verizon for many years.  In my later years, I worled in a Central Office in NY.

I wanted to report a violent employee to Corporate Security but my boss threatened to have HER boss "Fire my ass" if I did.

The violent emploee continued with his violence (attacking me and his fellow union workers physically as well as verbally with violent, irrational outbursts of anger and threats)

Eventually security did get involved.  Nothing happened to the violent employee but, through a chain of unethical events orchestrated by my boss, her boss and security (YES, security too). AND the company Ethics Department (the most UNethical department in Verizon), I was part of a Force Reduction not long after the World Trade Center disaster.  The company condoned the violence and did nothing to the crazy employee who attacked his co workers and boss!

Here we had a person with a history of violence in his former violent with me and my people and, rather than taking disciplinary action against HIM, the company gets rid of the manager!!!

In the company Codes Of Business Conduct, the company does not tolerate violence but, in reality, they do!

Verizon does not care about their own employees.  Do you really think they care about you, the customer.

If you have the option, DUMP VERIZON and SWITCH to another company.  Verizon is screwing you as they are screwing me!


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